The Lekker Dings

Marcel Van Harten: rockin' rockabilly lead guitar, vocals

Paul Smit:  mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, vocals

Ed Molenbeek: cajon, percussion

Guy G. Gorman: acoustic guitar, vocals

Alas, the Dings are no more though rumors of a "one-off" reunion have been circulating.


We jammed  for a few months in Gouda, South Holland even though I live in Rotterdam,  Paul and I go WAY back to the heyday of MySpace!   Paul and Marcel met through  (Such a 21st century band!!!) We shared a love of the Beatles and classic rock n roll and rockabilly.

Paul left to focus on recording an album of original materials including an all-star cast, including at least one Ding.

Guy, Marcel, and Ed are continued performing as Guy G. Gorman & The G-Men.

Guy G. Gorman & His Spuddy Buddies

Guy G. Gorman & His Spuddy Buddies

Mid 1990s: I was pulling onto Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia and turned on Page Wilson's "Out O' the Blue Radio Revue" on WCVE. I was really enjoying an unfamiliar Roy Orbison song but thought to myself, "How can I not know this song; I'm pretty familiar with Roy's catalog." It turned out to be The Burnt Taters, Craig Evans, Brad Tucker, and George Garrett. I was hooked! These guys were mining the same lode of inspiration that I was!

I've followed the Taters, their changing name and line ups through the years gotten to know Brad and Craig, attended numerous shows, even gotten up on stage with them a couple of times. They've brought me a lot of happiness.

As I thought about a musical way to celebrate my departure for Holland, the Taters immediately came to mind. The glad result was two songs, "I Gotta Lotta Love" and "I Whooped Sin Upside the Head" recorded with Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc Studios in Ashland.

I cherish the memory of our recording sessions together.

You can listen to the results on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, CD Baby and just about every other digital musical outlet.

Guy G. Gorman & The G-Men

I loosened up and started to use my name.  It was much easier to find my music online that way.  Some recordings under this moniker are all me.  Others have included Jim Wark, Brian Sulzer, and George Garrett.  Music by GGG & The G-Men can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, CD Baby and just about every other digital musical outlet.

The G-Men

I'd been writing songs for decades and wanted to do more than file the results away in a folder and on cassette.  I wasn't super interested in performing back in the '90s, but I loved the idea of fitting the puzzle pieces of guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, vocals together.  I recorded my songs on a Tascam cassette 4-track, Then a Boss 8-track.  As a teacher I hesitated to use my name openly because I thought it could be distracting.  Friends called me G-Man, so I decided to create the fiction of an actual band, The G-Men, with me playing all the parts.  (Exception: Jimmy Catlett rocked out on guitar, bass, and background vocals on "New and Improved"!) The albums, "Love Love Love!," "New and Improved" and "G2" can be found on Spotify and every other notable digital musical outlet.  Music From "Justice G-Men" and "Vintage G-Men" can be found at my Bandcamp site:

The Stallones/Plate of Shrimp

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