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The Power of "Yes and..."

Life offers us so many opportunities. We (I) often turn them down with an answer that starts out something like, "No but..."

A positive response to life's suggestions, though, can have powerful results.

A small example:

I was visiting my sister, Leslie, in Duluth, MN. We attended an art fair. A friend of Leslie's offered to show me her ukulele. I knew that accepting this offer meant that I would have to play something, and I wasn't particularly in the mood. On the other hand, I saw that this woman was excited to show me her uke. I said yes, expecting to strum a few chords and maybe sing one of my songs before awkwardly handing it back.

Within a nanosecond, Neil, whom I'd just met, literally runs to get his accordion. Another guy says, I've got a uke bass. A third guy says, I have a harmonica. Can you play something in D? (I am not a uke black belt. Translating chords from guitar is a bit difficult, but I said yes again.) After a few minutes, Leslie found a fiddle lying around, and she joined in.

Instant jam session!

A highlight of our vacation!

I'm so glad I said "Yes and. . ."

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